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Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:12 am by The Anti Cryo

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 Pirate Galaxy Code Of Conduct Policies and Information

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The Anti Cryo

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PostSubject: Pirate Galaxy Code Of Conduct Policies and Information   Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:12 am

Player Conduct Guideline Version 3.0.1 (CoC)
Pirate Galaxy Policies & Information
See Pirate Galaxy Rules & Regulations for more information


English is the Primary & preferred Language on All English & International Servers (Askone, Kalgan, Solaria &Aeria) controlled by the English GM Team. Please speak English in any Public or GM-Chat as the use of translators is not always accurate. For the players of other communities who want to learn about our servers, Our way of Game Play etc, an allowance for the use of their language will be tolerated. However, If you must use a Language other than English, Please use Private, Clan or Squad or Alliance Chat

On the other hand, by writing in Chat, you're writing for the respect of the people who read what you write. Please therefore you reread and make an effort in your writing, especially when your talking with the other players of the game.

The subjects listed below are non-exhaustive, therefore it is strongly recommended that you do not use these subjects for the purpose of mockery or in an aggressive way; and even less to incite or inflame others to use the same type of chat:

* Pornography
* Violence
* Religion
* Suicide
* Racism
* Drugs
* Alcohol
* illegal content (cheat, pirating - Illegal copying, use or distribution of Software or Materials)
* Discrimination (misogyny, homophobia, violation of human dignity etc)

The Game Master Team (GM)
How to Recognize a GM

We invite you to take knowledge of the members of the GM (Game Master) Team and its hierarchy in order to know who to contact for a question or a problem: Official English Staff RollCall

The GM Hierarchy is not something to be taken lightly and we urge you to follow it in a rigorous way and without exception, when you need to contact a GM. If you forget this hierarchy, especially when dealing with a issue or problem or bypassing the CoMa to speak directly to a Splitscreen Staff Member, thru unsolicited Forum PM, or unsolicited E-Mail, you could be subject to a heavy penalty.

We remind you therefore the order of consultation of the GM Team:

* Game Master (GM)
* Senior Game Master (SGM)
* Lead Game Master (A-LGM, LGM)
* Community Manager (A-CM (A-CoMa), CM (CoMa))
* Lead Community Manager (LCM – Last Point of Contact – May also be Splitscreen Staff Depending on Server)

Any GM or CM in Game is there to help & may be called upon at any time when available In-Game

It is strictly forbidden to Imitate, Harass, or swear at a member of the GM Team, even for the purpose of "joking", that this is by imitating the mannerisms, either by copying the manner of speaking and/or the message of presentation of one of them.

On the game, all the members of the team appear with a star to the left of their screen name.
In order to help you, you can also consult this In-Game Text and Flame Color Guide

Interaction with the GM Team

In the purpose of contacting a GM easier and faster, you must avoid:

* Asking a GM to provide you gold, blueprints, cryonite, energy etc.
* Ignore or discuss the instructions and/or decisions of a member of the team
* Invite a member of the team in your friends
* Harm to his private life, or to their identity as a player
* Disrespect to any GM in any form

The GM-Chat is not for complaints. It is for contacting a GM if you are in need of Help to determine if a Mission has a bug or other Bugs may be detected as well as General In-Game Help.
If No GM happens to be available, then bugs are to be reported through the opening of a ticket in Support and not on the GM-chat, or in the Forum. A GM will be dispatched to verify the Bug. Once a Bug has been verified, the developers will be notified at once via a Bug Report Ticket in Support

* When you connect to the GM-Chat, please indicate your presence and wait for a GM to open a private chat with you.
* The GM-Chat will therefore serve as a waiting room, waiting for a GM to be available.
* Once your problem is solved, please leave the chat to release the place.
* If you come unnecessarily into the GM-Chat, you may be penalized.

The GM Team is not a Bureau of Information, the forum is there for that, and for those who are not Forum Members, Please become one, do not hesitate, There is much Information for you on the Forum:
Pirate Galaxy Forum - Registration

User Account
Player Name / Ship Name / Squad Name / Clan Name / Alliance Name

You must Protect your Pilot Account Information at all times. Do Not give out your Username & Password to anyone. We Do Not Need it & will not ask for it. Anyone caught sharing their account information with others ie letting other people log into & play on your account, attempting to get something for nothing (Scam) or willingly giving their login information to anyone will be immediately banned or suspended

A user will be required to choose a nickname for Pilot, any Clan created by them or & the names of ships they acquire. They can therefore not be:

* Offensive / disrespectful
* pornographic, racist, political, Religious or have any reference relating to anything illegal
* Impersonating the identity of another Player, Member of the Game Master Team or any Member
of Splitscreen Studios Staff or Company

Pilot Regulations / Behavior in the Game / Respect

In order that the game takes place in the best conditions for each Player, it is recommended to adopt a correct attitude. It is thus strictly prohibited:

Account and Personal Data

Multiple accounts are allowed. However, only 1 account is allowed in game at any given time. In addition, a player using one or the other of its accounts in order to break the rules, will be able to see, depending on the seriousness of the facts, the same sanctions applied to his or her other accounts, without any possible dispute. In the same reasoning, a player creating an account after a penalty on another account, to come cause or insult the Game Master team, if exposed to a temporary banishment or even final in the event of serious facts

By contrast, your personal data is strictly confidential. It is therefore prohibited to:

* Give your login credentials (login and password) to any other person
* Lend, even temporarily, your account, No matter who the person is to you
* Swap your account with another
* Sell or Give Away your account

On the other hand, you are responsible for everything that happens on your account, and you will not be able to justify this as an excuse, if you leave it open during your absence.

The following actions are prohibited because they hamper the normal flow of the game and/or the pleasure of the other to play:

* Bring one or several Mantis onto other players in order that he might be killed
* Flood the public or Private chat ( definition: large quantity of unnecessary messages sent by the same person or repeated by others subsequently)
* Misuse of friends request or for the Mute List to display a large number of messages on the screen of the players.

Pirate Mode
Pirate Mode is the PvP mode of this game. PvP = Player(s) versus Player(s). It's primary purpose is to make possible the battle between consenting players.

It given by the same occasion a small bonus to gain experience (+5 % ). You have the possibility to put you in Pirate Mode at the risk of you to attack by another player.

PvP in Vega System

In order to allow the New Players to familiarize themselves with the Pirate mode (Player vs Player), the Vega system in its entirety is subject to the following rules concerning the confrontation between players:

* The fighting in pirate mode can only be done with Vega Tech.

* It is not allowed for any Ship or Technology that is NOT Vega to participate in any Vega System PvP.

* In the same way, any Pilot that comes to Vega System (Unless on a Mission) in a Higher Technology Ship or Gear to Vega, and PvP with Pilots using any Technology, will be sanctioned.

* The fact that the Pirate mode will not turn off at will, it is of course allowed to come to Vega System in a superior technology with Pirate mode enabled, provided no PvP is attempted.

* In the case where a Pilot is in Vega technology and attacks you, you are not allowed to reciprocate in any way, first ask the player to stop, otherwise move yourself to another location away from that player in order to be able to play normally or get Vega Tech.
Any breach of these rules will be punished, as sanctions are at the discretion of the senior members of the Team of Moderation


Any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in a penalty. The GM Team will issue a penalty to a player in five different ways, and reserves the right to choose the appropriate penalty based on the seriousness of the offense.

These five types of sanctions are possible:

* Handslap: Your Pilot is asked by GM to not repeat offense

* Mute : This allows your Pilot to remain present on the game, but you can no longer use the chat, be it public, private, Squad, Clan or Alliance, for a specified amount of time (Hours).

* jail: Your Pilot is placed in an isolated area where all interaction with the game is impossible for a specified amount of time (Hours).

* Ban: Your Pilot is unable to login for a specified amount of time (Hours)

* Suspension: Your Pilot is unable to login to any game Permanently

The more the CoC is violated, the harder the Penalty gets up to Permanent Suspension in the most serious cases. (See Punishment Guide below)

At no time will any Pilot have the right to discuss any Punishment given in the game, on the forum, or through another player. Only the Penalized Pilot may speak Directly to a member of the GM Team about their Penalty.

Jail / Ban / Suspension of Pilot Account

You shall not make any New Pilots Or use Any pilot you already have, or have access to that will allow you to continue Playing if Jailed, Suspended or Banned from Pirate Galaxy. Being Jailed is a Punishment & does not give you the right to continue playing by disregarding the Rules of Pirate Galaxy or the CoC / TOS of Splitscreen Studios. Creating a New Pilot or using an aforementioned account while in Jail may not only get the Jailed Pilot more time, it may also lead to a Ban or Suspension of the Pilots Account(s). Any New Pilots created while jailed will also be jailed, banned or suspended.

Being Jailed, Banned or Suspended on a Server can / will also affect any other “KNOWN” Pilots on other Servers i.e.: You have a Pilot on Server 1 who is jailed, banned or suspended for excessive Violations of the CoC & You have a second Pilot on Server 2 that is known, This Pilot may / will also be jailed, banned or suspended. Also as an added Penalty, Forum access may be suspended for amount of time jailed if any derogatory posts are made by the jailed Pilot. Banned or Suspended Pilots will have Forum access suspended


Any Pilot who Accuses another Pilot of a violation and without evidence or who falsifies the evidence, in order to get another Pilot or a Game Master penalized, will be Penalized Severely. We do not take False Accusations lightly.

Swearing policy

Public Chat

Swearing is not permitted at all in public chat. This is regulated by staff like myself (CM) and the GM's. Offenders will be punished accordingly. If you are offended by public chat swearing, You can send a screenshot ( Screenshot Tutorial) to support@pirategalaxy.com where it will be passed to a GM to act upon. Please always include your pilot name and server.

Clan Chat

The swearing policy in clan chat is regulated by the clan admiral. If a clan admiral allows swearing in their clan chat, it is up to the clan members to petition the admiral if they are against it.

Squad and Private Chat

Swearing is allowed only on the consensus of the parties involved. If everyone in the squad or private chat is fine with swearing then it is not a problem. However, private chat is not an open invitation to direct swearing and other such abuse to players. If you are offended by someone swearing at you in private chat, You can send a screenshot to a GM in forums or send to support@pirategalaxy.com where it will be passed to a GM to act upon. Please always include your pilot name and server.

Disrespecting or Swearing at Staff or GM

This is strictly prohibited as we do not take staff abuse lightly. You will be exempt from the normal punishment structure and dealt with as the senior (LGM, CM) staff see fit which can range from warning to jail time or permanent banning.

Punishment Guide

CQ Offense Structure

Clan Admiral:
* 1st Violation = Jail for 1 Week (168 Hours)
* 2nd Violation = Jail 2 Weeks (336 Hours)
* 3rd Violation = Jail 3 Weeks (504 Hours) with possibility of Ban from Pirate Galaxy
* 4th Violation = Immediate Ban from Pirate Galaxy & Dis-Banding of Clan
* Immediate Ban from Pirate Galaxy on Grounds of Cheating & Exploitation of CQ

Standard Offense Structure

* 1st Violation = 1st Warning
* 2nd Violation = 2nd Warning
* 3rd Violation = Mute 1 day (24)
* 4th Violation = Mute 3 days (72) + Jail 1 day (24)
* 5th Violation = Mute 7 days (168) + Jail 3 days (72)
* 6th Violation = Mute 7 days (168) + Jail 7 days (168) + possible Permanent Ban
* 7th Violation = Permanent Ban

For swearing offenses
(This involves swearing in public chat and swearing in the Pilot's status window)

* 1st Violation = 1st Warning
* 2nd Violation = 2nd Warning
* 3rd Violation = Jail 1 day (24) + mute (48)
* 4th Violation = Jail 3 days (72) + mute (144)
* 5th Violation = Jail 7 days (168) + mute (336)
* 6th Violation = Permanent Ban

We reserve the right to record all information on player activities in order to verify player claims, troubleshoot technical issues and for policy enforcement. We are within our rights to keep this information confidential unless warranted by a court of law to provide evidence.

We reserve the right to amend or change these player conduct guidelines without your consent and at any time. The Community will then be informed in "News & Announcements” on the forum and by an In-Game Announcement.

If you do not wish to accept any of the articles detailed within this player conduct guideline please desist from playing any game owned or operated by Splitscreen Studios.

These codes are not all inclusive and other actions may also be determined as abuse by Staff Members of Splitscreen Studios and its affiliates.

© Copyright Pirate Galaxy GM Team. All rights reserved.
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Pirate Galaxy Code Of Conduct Policies and Information
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